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OUAT episode "Lacey" musings

* Belle: "You're..."
me: "'not dead' works." :)

* were it not for the Cora Interlude, perhaps Regina could have played host to a recovering Belle. if nothing else, it would have spared us seeing Belle being tranqed every five minutes.

* I bet Regina moves the beans to somewhere else - because if she can find them, anybody can.

* this episode is confusing to me, timeline-wise...previously, Rumplestiltskin has only called Belle "dearie" in her father's castle; he dropped it in his other scenes with her. so, is that reinforcing how early this was in their time together?

* so the matchbook has a role not unlike the - what was it that made Charming re-remember being David Nolan?

* well, if Belle Lacey wants someone "mad, bad, and dangerous to know"...Gold certainly knows how to be that too.

(so, if he and Lacey have a True Love's Kiss, would that return Belle? or establish Lacey as permanent?)

* Don Jun? so, my question is this: did he used to be the man who tilted at windmills, or did he become that man?

* Robin Hood? he called 'Hood' here? because that's just...ah, nevermind.

* wait, does the spinning wheel help him do his best thinking, or does it help him forget? (or is it like Sherlock Holmes' Attic Theory, in which adding new things also gets rid of other things)

* "Actually, they don't."
wonder if Rumplestiltskin was thinking "Really? My my, my rumors and legends are slacking off."

* wow, Snow and Charming just keep getting busier and busier in the year(s?) they knew each other before the Curse - fighting a civil war, toppling kingdoms, avenging injustices...and now fighting ogres too?

* "This is my world."
"And its been cruel to you.
And your world was nicer to Emma when she was there?

* how much you wanna bet, now that he's been freed, Robin Hood (or whomever he is) goes right back and tries to steal the wand again?


...(wonder if his plan is to get Rumplestiltskin to be the Merlin to his Arthur)

* Am trying VERY hard not to laugh at Charming's advice to be the man Belle fell in love with. (though raise your hand if you thought that she was going to hit on Charming when he sat at the bar)

* what was that old saying?...telephone, telegraph, tell an Emma. :)

* holy shnikies that's a short dress!

* you know you're ruined, when you don't see any downside to picking a fight with Rumplestiltskin. can actually feel a teeeeny bit sorry for the Sheriff, for that reason.

* um, if you shoot an arrow at Robin, how would Marian know its Rumplestiltskin behind it, and not, say, the Sheriff in a rare fit of luck?

* I half expected Lacey to ask "can I help?" when Gold was beating him up.

*then again, I also expected it to be at least one more episode before The Package was opened.
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