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OUAT meta...

Meta and thoughts on Welcome to Storybrooke and Lacey...

1. Perhaps Tamara is written to be so obviously a Bad Person, so that we don't start wondering who her allies are.
(my money's on Neal)

2. Hook managed to walk around New York without anyone panicking or screaming "OMG fictional things are real!"

3. Was Tamara's red liquid one of those "will cure everything"s, or will it fail to cure August? or was Tamara given August's cure? (all moot now that August is a kid again, but still)

4. Is the Dragon dead? if not, why does August think the Dragon's dead? or is August lying?

5. is this the start of a pattern?...every OUAT season finale will have a dragon.

6. I fear the writers have succumbed to a fallacy: that if Evan and Tamara break up, Evan will automatically return to Emma & they'll marry and have 3.5 kids and rule benevolently over a world where everyone is happy and -
(sorry, starting to blend fallacy with fantasy)

Seriously - even if Evan and Tamara break up, that does not mean that Evan and Emma will reunite.
{i suspect that part of the reason for August's reset, was so he would not be a rival for Emma's affections}

7. what bugged me most about "welcome to Storybrooke" was was how often David kept saying to Gold "you have to protect us because we're your family." NOT a good reason, buddy - he can always prune the family tree down to nuclear family + him.

8. I wonder if Snow even considered Henry's feelings if Regina had killed her - would it be more evil to insist on a homocide thinking only of herself, or to insist on homocide thinking of herself & that it would alienate Henry from Regina?
Tags: episode review, episodes, meta, once upon a time, ouat
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