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OUAT thoughts and observations for the episode "The Evil Queen"

the preview leading up to the episode gives the impression
"Its my turn to be the hero."
"Not if we tell everyone. You're a villain."
you know, taken out of context like these commercials are, it makes Henry look evil, doesn't it?

* so, this is set early in Regina's reign?"

* oops.

* that's a LOT of dragonflies.

* if nothing else, this episode demonstrates the importance of timing - when you know what.

* ah, so George's financial troubles can be laid at Rumplestiltskin's feet.

is there anything that he didn't engineer?

* Regina, honey, this is not the time to be completely honest with Henry.

* Cobra? that's not Regina-specific?

* Hook as the voice of experience? :)

* Maleficient as Cthulhu? oh dear.

(nevermind, mistook drapings from her hat, for tentacles)

* Wilma? is that her grandmother's name?

* Snow, I think you just put salt in the wound!

* you need something in plain sight, eh? Operation Boojum!

* despite his book and everything over the last two seasons, Henry still thinks FTL is a fun place to live in?
(would he be so excited to live there, if his family wasn't nobility and had no friends in the nobility?)

* "You roped the kid into this?" somebody needs to tell Neal that his son is a master manipulator, possibly greater than his grandfather.

* really? you think she'd hide something in a spot as obvious as under a loose floorboard?

* 'from another forest' - Robin Hood?

* I have a feeling Snow knows she's talking to Regina. (their version of 'hypothetically, I would...')

ah, or not.

* "Rumplestiltskin!"
now I'm wondering why Snow trusts/trusted Rumplestiltskin as much as she's done. {because he didn't come when Regina called?}

* deja vu - but how'd they accomplish it?

ah, playing preying on a person's wanting to have some remaining scrap of their parent.

* a reference to Belle? that early on? interesting.

* something of a self-reinforcing cycle - nobody thinks she can improve, so she has less reason to try improving herself, and because she's not getting better, even fewer people think she can be good, so...

...and by the time Henry comes around, Regina's path has some pretty deep ruts she needs to get out of.

* Emma, get it through your head - Henry doesn't think you were right because you're right, he thinks you're right because he wants Tamara out of the way so you and Neal can marry and give him royal siblings and a castle in FTL.

* "This is something much better - science."
**tries not to laugh hysterically** Ask Dr. Whale how well that turns out. :D
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