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OUAT thoughts and observations for the episode "Second Star to the Right"

based on what we previously knew...

I confess, I was wondering how Bae got to another world once he landed on a world without magic. (space travel, maybe?)

based on the preview for this episode...

um, didn't the Blue Fairy tell Baelfire that the bean would take him to a land without magic? (and yet people can fly, unaided)

though if Neal|Bae turns out to be Peter Pan, then that gives him another link to Belle (in my personal fanon)...don't Snarks have a little trick with shadows and such as well?)

and the episode itself:

watching this ep, a song comes to mind: Smoke on the water.

* I have a hunch Regina wasn't entirely honest when she said that to Hook about destruction. she learned from Rumplestiltskin, after all.

really, she was fully honest? she seriously needs to work on her timing.

* take the whole tray? can't give him a bag, Wendy?

* with everyone shoving him at Emma, I suspect Neal will go elsewhere on principle. (he never was one to follow orders well)

* I have a feeling Tamara is next on Owen's To Die list, even if she is part of the same Organization.

* "You have no idea who you're dealing with." curious if Regina knows. (or is that a comment meaning he wouldn't be doing this to Regina if he knew who she was?)

* aww, cute and nice Disney commercial with Regina. "Seriously?" :D :)

* Bae's a nice pet. eats only bread. :)

* is the Darling Dad...his name's escaping my mind.

* "I am Caine. I will help you." its gotta be him.

* "We're closed." "Not for us." mwahahaha, this can't end well.

aw, is Gold running out of biting quips to scare people into bothering him less?

* is it just me, or does Bae now look like a young Elijah Wood? (from Neverland to Middle Earth?)

* my god, if Henry heard that chat between Emma and Neal, Henry'd have a field day.

* actually, you're both right - neither of you know what you're dealing with. :)

* unholy?

* Storybrooke's not the first??

as in, not the first settlement transplanation, or just not the first movement of people from one world to another?

* ah, the cannery finally gets used. :)

* destroy magic?? wouldn't it be protected by good ol' "matter {and energy} can be neither created nor destroyed" ?

* was this Organization perhaps founded by one of Wendy's brothers?

...or by Wendy?

* uh-oh. is Lacey going to go after Henry? (to protect Gold)

* um, Lacey, do you know what happened when (Athena's?) mortal love asked for immortality? he aged into a cricket.

* all that chattering, how does nobody hear them?

(probably didn't even need a video camera)

* he didn't even believe her when she said he killed her dad. short of being led to someone (really his dad or not), what would he have believed? imho, nothing.

* um, why didn't they get in the crawlspace beforehand?

* "Thank you, Wendy, for making me a part of your family. Now let go, please." oh. okay.

* wonder how much of that shadowflight was punishment for interfering.

* almost looks like a face in the sky.

* "Actually...its both of us." her onscreen reply's good too.

* I bet Neal would've helped Tamara if she hadn't lied.

* I bet Regina lied. one last victory.

* Baelfire doesn't remember Hook?

* "How am I gonna tell Henry?" knowing Henry, either he already knows, or he'll overhear it.

* "We're gonna blow Storybrooke off the map."

* it is nice to see Charming doesn't just use the "we're family" to get what he wants.

* "You want to discuss justification?" that'd be a fun ep. :)
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