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Grimm episode "The Waking Dead"

* Blutbad or Coyotl?
(and if we hadn't seen previews with the blowfish wesen, wouldn't those reddened eyes make us think of the tsetse wesen of a few weeks ago?)

* How is it Bud hasn't made Juliette utterly panicked by now?

* not a full woge,'ve still got fingers. :)

* I think Juliette was more alarmed by Monroe's voice than by his Blutbad appearance.

* "Anybody got a drink?" "Oh god yes." :)

* This is the second episode in a row, where Rosalee's been scared to say hi to Juliette. (or scared that Juliette's showed up)

* I swear, when the camera went from Rosalee (having just woged to full-faced Fuchsbau) to Juliette, I half expected Juliette to say "that's it? all the shit I've gone through this past year, and that's it?"

* "You know your brother well." "Never well enough." Gives me the feeling that there's a lot of horror stories Renard's lived through. perhaps the canton in Portland was a sort of...reinbursement for everything Eric put Renard through?

* this seems to be a sort of wesen who can't use their powers without first making a full woge into noticability by everyone -- unlike pretty much all the others, who can use their powers while still looking perfectly human by everyone else.

* dare I ask how many of those shipping crates are his?

* humor! "better put these {flowers} in water before they woge".

* ah...explains the secrecy...and still - oh shtum!
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