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tonight's "Goodnight Sweet Grimm"

* Interesting...some Royals consider their bastardry a badge of honor.

though I suspect there's a very clear line drawn between "illegitimate bastard" and "hybrid bastard". I could be wrong - hope I am.

* Rosalee continues to be very very nervous around Juliette.

* you would think Rosalee would have more than the one hiding place, wouldn't you? (or was that so we wouldn't forget that she has things hidden?)

either way, if Nick only knew how well she kept secrets. (actually, if Nick knew, that would mean she wasn't good at keeping them, yes?) :)

* I wonder how much of Juliette's "I want to fight wesen" is a result of wanting to have something to do with Nick, and how much is from the other week when Rosalee answered yes to Juliette's question of "so this is like what happened to me?"

* and the power of a wesen continues to diminish - season 1, we kept hearing "seeing a woge would rob a man of sanity, expose him to the naked universe, etc"...then people kept seeing wesen wogeing, and only screamed or froze or panicked if that wesen was also attacking them...and now, now woges can't even give pause to faux zombi.

* wait, was that town in Austria...named Rosalee, or a variation thereof?

* wait...that was it? all that work, all those faux zombi... just to catch Nick?
(on second thought, given how Nick's handled pretty much anything else thrown at him...a sideways attack might've been all the would work; though how pissed are the Families going to be at the collateral damage from all those faux zombi running around after Nick was captured?)

* I have a feeling that, when Nick returns next season, Monroe will say "Juliette's grown into quite the traditional Grimm."

* given how that triple-needle thing was only able to do one at a time, I get a feeling that, in modern tv terms, its use was more for 11th-hour rescues of The Hero's friend/love from the pains of the Cracher-Mortel's venom...not for stopping the Cracher-Mortel's attacks.
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