rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

Falling Skies, s3, ep1

Falling Skies, season 3, episode 1. it was a good episode. nice reminders of who is who, particularly for those (such as I) who didn't see all of s2. and answers to some unanswered questions.

two questions:

* Tiny question - if the Overlords are telepathic, is the name "Espheni" like "Skitter" and "Papago"?...insulting names given to them by their enemies?

* Tom's analogies continue to baffle me. On the level of ethics and morals, I can understand his "Roosevelt and Churchill knew what Stalin was about." But technologically, its more like the Isle of Man or Warsaw (or most any Pacific Islander) knowing what Stalin was about.

there was a third pint, but I forgot it.

* it might be this: I will grant the Volm a humanoid appearance, so the show's not entirely CGI.

...but did you notice a Volm can ride a horse just like a human can? that says something about their hips.
Tags: episode review, espheni, falling skies, history, skitters, volm
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