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Crossover: "5 Things" (Covert Affairs/Thor), part 1/5

Title: Five Things Reva and Sif did, and one that almost happened
Author: Keenir.
Crossover: Covert Affairs/Thor movie. (may be ignoring part or all of the Avengers movie, and the first chapter takes place a bit before the Thor movie)
Rating: PG
Summary: What it says on the tin - five things they did together, and one they didn't.
Author's Note: To those who notice these things, both Sif and Reva Kline are portrayed by the actress Jaimie Alexander.

I just thought it would be an interesting meeting, these two characters who are so different.

Crossposted to: Covert Fiction, and my LJ, and my AO3.

I am watching them bury my mother.

Her side of the gravestone's marked by nothing more than her name and the date of her death. No religious emblems or other symbols.

Mom was an illustrator. There were no complications in her life. She was happy, even when dad's job in the FBI took him away for long whiles at a time.

I listen to the prayers being offered up on mom's behalf, the praise of God, and the promise of what is coming.

Maybe I would have been able to see the person even without having been trained on the Farm, but as it is, I can definately see her hanging back, in the shadow of a tree.

When everyone is dispersed, I'll find out what she's here for.

I am watching them bury my mother in the soil of Midgard. Earth, Loki calls it. I keep to my post, standing beside a tree at the back of the crowd, throughout the proceedings.

Father told me that she chose not to banish herself but to exile herself after she had a meeting, a conference with Frigga who is Queen of Asgard which I serve. He would never say more on the matter, and I was left to wonder if my Queen and her King Odin the Allfather were in fear of what would be born next to my parents... Heimdall, myself, and there were no others - and my brother and I have always been completely loyal to Asgard. So why did my mother leave?

The priest is uttering something, and I have to restrain myself from physically bringing to a stop any enchantment or incantation he is making upon my mother's corpse.

Exile may mean her body cannot return to Asgard, but there is nothing saying the dead must be maimed in such ways. Except it does not feel like magic. Only words, empty words made in ritual.

Loki loaned me this pair of clothes to fit over my accustomed clothes and armor - the innate subtle magic in the outfit makes me look like I am wearing the normal clothes of Earth. He said not to thank him or mention it.

Walking towards me is - I am not vain, but neither am I ignorant of how I look - and it appears to be a match to me in appearance. I hold my position and wait to see what she wants or will say.


"Who are you?" I ask her. Its like looking in a mirror...if my reflection used to have a thousand-mile stare.

"I am Sif, daughter of the deceased." Annie would have some colorful, choice words in reply to that.

I'm not Annie. "The 'deceased' as you call her, was my mother. I'm Reva."

"Then you are my sister," not denying my claim at all, and her muscles are tensing like she's fighting the urge to pick me up and hug me.

"I don't have a sister."

"Yet I exist," this Sif says.

And out the corner of my eye, I can see my dad walking up, pausing for a second every few steps and then resuming his stride. "You're Sif," he says, half question, half greeting.

"I am," she says, and bows to my dad.

To me, dad says, "Your mother mentioned her from time to time, but not as much as time went on." To Sif, he says, "But she never forgot you."

Definite relief there, on her face.

"Come on, we'll take you to dinner," dad says.

"I would be imposing."

"Maybe, or not. But you refuse, and you'd be rude."

"My mother mentioned... the kingdom and its ways?" Sif asks, catching herself, and sounding just like I do when I catch myself.

"In parables," dad says.

So...all those bedtime stories mom told me...That explains why I could never find them in books of fairy tales or legends.

"I would be happy to feast with you," Sif says. "Sister. Father."

Tags: character: reva, covert affairs, covert affairs fanfiction, crossover, reva, reva kline, sif, thor fanfiction, work in progress
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