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I was doing a little edited (and word-replacing) in my AO3 account, and decided i had put off posting this for too long:

fics for
Man Of Steel The Avengers & Thor Death in Paradise.
...and some Norse myth.

Fandom titlesummary complete? . . ,.other
Thor, Avengers There is no empty throne what-if. When Thor was banished, that left the throne to the newly-married Loki and Sif. However... </a> Nearly..

Man of Steel And she survived not exactly AU One of the people Superman digs from the rubble of Metropolis, is someone he is not sure what to do with. For with Faora-Ul, there is no easy answer. Yes. </a>

Thor, Norse myth Apple-stealing and other adventures Darcy had in Asgard Chapter One: "Apples" - Darcy would have several adventures in Asgard. But it all began with a quest for apples. And Sif's very bad mood. Chapter Two: "How to lie without lying, in one easy lesson" - Darcy really really does not want to give a lecture about fiction, so she asks Sif if there is a local expert on the subject. Unfortunately, as it happens to be....and Darcy takes a guess at Sif's third name. No. (warning: chapter 1 is stream-of-thought)

Thor, Covert Affairs 5 things Reva and Sif did, and one that almost happened what it says on the tin: five things.No.

Thor Hoenir arguments When she was younger, Sif tended to quarrel with her mother about a certain topic. (there's a twist at the end) Hoenir - Norse god whose silences so infuriated Odin. Yes.

Man of Steel, AvengersThe foundation must be built As far as the relationship of the Kryptonians to Earth goes, the Chitari Invasion was a good thing.Nearly.

Thor The other traitorLoki was not the only traitor -- Laufey and Hogun said so. But why? Or how?Yes.

Man of Steel The last one coda Kryptonians were like passenger pigeons, Clark decides. Only one remained. Yes.

Thor Satrapness PWPLoki's being sent down to rule Jounheim who do they send with him? A volunteer. And why does she volunteer??

Thor, (Avengers - eventually) Exchanging places AUAll the fight has gone out of him, Thor knew, looking at Loki. This is why: Loki began to fall, until Sif took his place.

Thor In for a penny, repent at leisure codaA life is as much a matter of what opportunities you avoid, as what opportunities you miss, and which ones you lose.Yes.

Thor, Avengers Point of fact: Sigyn is a verb coda Much of the time, Sif is alone with the prisoner Loki. When she does get visitors, they find a mirror to themselves. But mostly it is just her alone with her thoughts as she tends to Loki in his suffering. Yes.

Thor Sifgeld AU On Earth, weregeld {literally "man-payment"} is the idea of recompense and restitution for killing a man. The exact amount is determined by status and occupation. On Asgard, a weregeld is less complex to determine, though it is more absolute. ...and Sif is wanting to pay it. Whether anyone else likes it or not.Yes.

Thor, Avengers Who knows youWhen Loki died, one person took the time to walk the worlds and inform his friends, his family, and his enemies. This is her story: the walk of Sif.Yes.

Thor, Norse myth Preluding the cave"I have raised up monsters and swatted down armies. I have broken alliances and forged marriages," Loki said. "And this is what gets me an eternal punishment??"Yes.

Thor Loki's childrenChapter 1: Having come home after a long time away, Sif wasn't sure which shocked her more - that Loki had finally taken a wife, or who that wife was. (but, Loki being Loki, there's more to the story) Chapter 2: Loki delivering two sons might be explained away by invoking magic. But how to explain Jormungand, Fenrir, and Hel? Well, that involves the time Loki and Sif were kidnapped. In Asgard.Yes.

Thor A colder world than mine AU Odin must leave two in Jotunheim. This is how they fare, even with a great change thrust upon them.No.

Thor At issue"What are your intentions toward my father?" Hel asks Jane. "Beside the obvious."Yes.

Death in Paradise Why zombis are great, according to Richard PooleQuite frankly, it was not something anyone had expected him to say. But nobody, not even Fidel who tended to find the best in everyone, had thought D.I. Richard Poole would have thought he would have ever praised the practice of zombi.Yes.

Elementary 4 things involving Clyde the Tortoise --chapter 1: I do not believe that word means what you think it does. --chapter 2: Clyde solves a case. --chapter 3: Howell. --chapter 4: What could possibly go wrong? ___ ___

Thor, (Marvel?) I am Jane in AsgardAddressing a curious detail in the preview for the upcoming Thor II. Why is Jane wearing battle armor in what appears to be Asgard?Yes.
Avengers, Star Trek (reboot) A whale of a timeHel thinks Stark and Uhura are the best way of dealing with the ocean-killing whale-speaking alien Probe.Yes.

other ...
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(turns out a word I had thought was Asgardian in The Avengers, is actually a very very bad word. so i replaced it with "shapeshifter", because that was the intent anyway - shapeshifters being an insult)
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