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Like the other Marvel films, its best to turn off one’s brain when going to see this movie. (otherwise you’ll be wondering how someone seemingly not on active duty, could be running around with equipment that probably cost as much as a helicopter)

Although its certainly rich with plot bunnies – among others, what caused the shift from Batroc the hired gun to Batroc the Leaper (fights the latest iteration of ‘Spiderman’ on tv)…and What happens when you have a sudden demobilization of an entire military force – or in this case, two of them – because usually it tends to backfire. {I don’t dispute that something had to be done}

Agent Maria Hill (Ret.?) and Sam Wilson (Ret.?) were the best parts of this movie, in my opinion. For one, they had the best lines. (though “on your left” may become for the Marvel fandom, what “and we’re walking” was for SG1 – a seemingly innocuous line, that can bring out a smile in anyone who knows the reference)

...also, Maria Hill is one of those people - imho - for whom the phrase "never really retires" was invented. Gabriel on 'Intelligence' is another.

Weakest part of the film: that the entirety of HYDRA had somehow been picked up in Project Paperclip. {I go for years thinking “nobody’s ever going to mention that operation in a movie, except maybe ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ or the Bond films…and now this}. A critical mass, maybe a dozen or so HYDRA agents taken in Paperclip...but not every last one.

…if not for that, I’d say the weakest bit was having caverns under DC for SHIELD to hide their new carriers.

So, in this version of the Marvel universe, does HYDRA’s role in creating & maintaining the Winter Soldier mean that the USSR didn’t have the Red Room? Or was the Red Room something that produced Natasha but not Bucky? Or was the Red Room run by those HYDRA agents picked up by the Soviets and not the Americans?

good effects, great acting, a plot that could've been better if they didn't go heavy-handed to overdo connections to the first Captain America. (some parts, like Peggy, were great - but most of themmm...)
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