rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

Just saw Tell Tale Heart...

I realize we're all supposed to think that Cassidy killed Sarah...but I can't shake the hunch that Nate did it. (likely on orders from someone else in Latnok or one of Latnok's shell companies - dual purpose of putting a cap on a situation which had gone on out of control for too long, and kept Cassidy from being as successful as he could have been)
Acting theory: Cassidy went over to talk to Sarah, and found her already dying; not wanting Jessi to panic or bring a rain of destruction, he cleaned up the blood and made the note. (why go to talk to Sarah? not sure. maybe to try and talk her out of taking her away from proximity to Kyle. maybe to (try to) convince her that Latnok was different now)
I'm not about to discount the idea that Cassidy well and truly slew her - it succeeded in isolating Jessi once more (though not for very long) - and kept Jessi from leaving Kyle behind.
On the other hand, we've seen Cassidy pull off some impressive feats with not much advance notice, and he didn't then need to hide anything under laundry.
On the gripping hand, one way or the other, one detail sticks in my mind: there was very little blood spatter on or around Sarah's door - like either she was just starting to bleed, or she was nearly out of blood by that point. But Cassidy's door and doorframe, they were all but coated in blood and bloody handprints., why was Jessi hearing Sarah's dying heartbeat coming from Cassidy's room?
I'm overthinking this, aren't I?
Tags: episode, jessi, jessi xx, kyle xy, speculation
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