rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

3 thoughts regarding tonight's Hawaii Five-0

Hoku Welawela

1. For a long while, I thought the Vice-Admiral had sent the sniper to recover the downed object - even thought so when the sniper was an AWOL ex-colleague of Agent Chen's.
2. The double standard was to be expected (McGarrett is loathe to give up all his secrets at once, yet he and Danny are insulted that other people (Chinese spy or not) always hold on to one or two facts).
3. The insulting part was that McGarrett told Agent Chen that the information was unrecoverable...and then told the Vice Admiral's buddy "Catherine recovered the info, and we wiped the drive"...
The lie and the deed, I can understand. But does he seriously think that China doesn't have people who can tell the difference between unrecoverable & erased?
My only hope is that this means we'll be seeing Agent Chen again. And I doubt she'll be a happy camper when it comes to McGarrett.

Tags: episode, episode review, hawaii five-0, hawaii five-o, speculation, spoilers
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