rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

'Dying on a Prayer' thoughts

Reasonably satisfied with the episode.

The opening credits, however...

...why is Hitler back in the credits again?

Anywho, back to the ep...

* a Golem, eh? been wondering how they'd explain that in Wesen terms.

...looks like "is not one" is the gist of it.

* for four seasons, I've been worried as to how Jews would be depicted in this series {given the attitudes and writings of the Grimm Brothers themselves, for one}...I can breathe a little easier now.

* not sure why the stepdad needed to be a Troll...or needed to be a Wesen at all. abuse and violence are neither lessened nor magnified by that.

* huh. last week, seeing those guys in the fox masks, I'd wondered if they were part of one of the many secret societies that Grimm has under every corner. Looks like they're just regular bigots. (though the timing is interesting - they only start throwing bricks after a Hexenbiest moves in)

* Poor she finds that, not only are there Wesen in the world, but there are also supernatural beings.

One wonders if she'll be more shocked or less shocked at the Royals' existence.

* while it's nice that Nick and Trubel can't solve everything themselves, with or without sharp weapons...I doubt we've seen the last of that particular Golem {it wasn't destroyed or dissolved - only dismissed, the boy asserting he wasn't in trouble at that time/ next time he's in peril, the Golem will return}

* When someone calls you a missing ingredient, Juliette, RUN.
Tags: episode, golem, grimm, spoilers, tv series, wesen
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