rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

OUAT: "Break the mirror" p1

Very disappointed with several characters in this one.

* Prince Charming might intend to be reassuring, but he sounds more...more like Emma losing her powers is the best thing possible.

* as supporting evidence, I point to the fact that the scarf and locator spell were still on the table...despite the fact that he's king and sheriff of the town, with friends up the wazoo, he's not asked anyone to look for Emma.

* I can only hope that his comeuppance will come alongside Gold's. *humms The Sorcerer's Apprentice*

* Sidney. wasn't he put back into mirrors? thus, he could spoil Gold's AND Ingrid's day, by relaying their conversation to everyone in town. {among other things, "i'm not going to betray everyone - just you, and Emma Swan."}

But the Snow Queen does good by stopping Emma...(Gold's thing stops physical objects...but light? clearly not)

And Yay Hook!
Tags: episode review, once upon a time, ouat
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