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tonight's burning Grimm


* "wesen what?"
that might be more believable, imho, if you looked at the person who asked about wesen. (then again, everyone else does that)

* "it means firey burning thing" "you speak latin?"
to which I muttered "no, I'm just looking at the pretty picture."

* "when they say 'devils'...?" "no."
that might be more reassuring, Nick, if you haven't already encountered a Golem and a Roman volcano spirit...and La Llorona.

* after Rosalee tore Monroe a new one and walked back into the room, her shoulders and head did one of those shudder-shakes that (in this show's universe) always accompanies a woge.

* "some stupid feud"
my first thought was to cheer Rosalee.
my second thought was the same.
my third thought was "aaand does her subgroup of Wesen have a feud with any other subgroups?"

* I half thought Monroe, when he came back, was going to say "just don't ask me to talk to him."

* "I bet you're thinking 'now how does he do that?'"
or "does it tickle when he does that?"

* when the arsonist said that bit about parents forcing kids into jobs, and how this isn't something he does for thought was "what did your parents do for a living?"
(remember the dragonfleur?)

* oh the sheer look on Rosalee's face when Monroe says its not an exact science! :) :)

(I bet it is an exact science - its also one of the most closely guarded secrets of the wesen world)

* yeah, seeing the knives embedded in the wall...probably a "hmm, how to explain that?" moment.

...followed by re-writing the narrative - Adalind flew those at Juliette, not vice versa like it was.

* another powerful scream. some days, like now, I wonder if that was the actress' audition for her role - just give your best screams.

(anyone else been counting just how many times the arcs and serieses are reactions to when Adalind feels wronged? (both when she has, and when she hasn't actually))

* seriously, Juliette, you didn't ask Nick to empty his holster and pockets and stand where there aren't any makeshift weapons?

(I also thought she'd summon something to her, while still sitting down...or say "no, I can't" when Nick asked her to tell him)
Tags: episode, grimm, hexenbiest, monroe, nick burkhardt, rosalee, rosalee calvert, spoilers
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