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yay, new GRIMM episode...

EDIT: you're going to report that couple to the Wesen Council?

...I don't know whether to be shocked and horrified at this (its like reporting ivory-purchasers to the UN or US Congress)

...or to be glad that there aren't layers and layers of paperwork and beurocracy(sp) in the Council.

* at the end of the rescue scene there, methinks Hank was wondering the same thing I was:
...the girl had just said "this is for my brother, and this is for my father."...and the hunter replied "Then this is for -"

......what was he about to say?
(do his kin and hers have a relationship as pained as the bauershwine(sp) and blutbads?)

* I thought that, if a wesen limb is cut off, that limb would return to looking know, like how a dead wesen looks like anyone else.

* "I love you." you just pulled a gun on her, you idiot.

* oh niiiice, Nick, real nice that you threaten/offer to do to Juliette what you did to Adalind.

* huh. so the legend of Grimms says they can kill anyone they come across...but it doesn't say they can find anyone they want?

* at the time, I watched Nick go from backing away from her two fingers pointed at her hand on his her brushing her lips against his; and I wasn't sure if that was an argument that Nick could acclimatize to Juliette's condition, or a sign of Henrietta's power level.

...but when Juliette put her own hand on Nick's cheek, it hit me: Nick's muscle memory didn't recognize Juliette - the last time a hexenbiest touched him there, like that, was Henrietta.

* and in a way, Juliette insisting on a kiss, actually puts the shoe on the other foot: remember when she got dumped in the deep end (when Nick told her, cold turkey, that he was a Grimm)

* so in other words, Juliette was pregnant (when she felt sick)...but then the baby jumped ship to Adalind, rather than put up with Juliette coming to grips with turning into a hexenbiest?

and next week...
"Yeah, like that's going to happen." :) Adalind!

hey, never underestimate Nick's emotional roller coaster. :)
Tags: adalind, episode, episode reviews, grimm, hexenbiest
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