rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

Spoilers for the Huntha Lami Muuaji

as Hank said, "I hope I pronounced that right."

* um, if they only have one form to woge into, and that form is visible to all...why did they need Monroe to go undercover? why not Hank? or, if they need someone who can see if there's other Wesen around, why not Nick?

* Rosalee continues to be the one person who understands Renard.
(its - ironic? - that when she was first introduced, I thought she and Renard knew one another in the past...and I've even got a few fics with that premise.........and now, that sort of is the case. she's the only person who hasn't assumed he's got the same abilities as a Hexenbiest)

* hormone therapy? its like the writers are going "okay, we've used Hitler and swastikas - can we get any more controversial?" (non-standard gender, multiple personalities...its like the writers were trying for a trifecta)

* I continue to utterly adore the look on Juliette's face when Renard says he needs her to open a book.

* though a runner-up for the "Wow, that'" award, is the bit where the book says even Grimms must be careful around Huntha Lami Muuajis.

Tags: episode review, grimm, hexenbiest, meta, speculations
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