rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

Grimm avenging

so....kin to La Llorona?

* so...why didn't Nick deal with that guy at the end? Nick's a Grimm - that's their job description, to handle things regular cops can't bring to a judge.

* did we see that bear statue early in series 1 of Grimm? nice reference.

* ah, so Renard's mum is like most folks' relatives, who don't use measuring spoons or cups, and use systems that are useless to the rest of us. (ie, their palms)

* what did you do, Renard? hm? first, I thought he was hypnotizing the guy. then i thought he was going to offer that guy to whomever he was about to ask for help from.

* Det. Farris!

* Juliette likes the power she has...and she loves and hates how Nick gave her that power.

* "Safer for you, Nick."

* to be honest, when that punk landed through the table at the bar, and all eyes were on her, I fully expected Juliette to say "No means no."

* i suspect she knew what his answers would be - because that kid was shallow, and giving flattery...and part of her liked the compliments...and part of her wanted to pop the balloon.

* tiny question - is driving around *all* you were doing, Nick? you didn't ask Renard or any Hexenbiest for help? you didn't ask if Juliette was staying with either of them?
Tags: episode review, grimm, meta, mythology, speculations, wesen
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