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Primeval review 2.01

Forgot to crosspost this to my own page.

two additions:
Nick: "You mean the Home Office."
Abby: "No. We moved from that place ages ago."

how long is "ages"?


Most people are upset about Ryan not being on the opening credits...I wonder if anyone noticed that the Dodo is still on said credits.

2.01 observations

* I kinda thought the start of the bowling scene, was another ad....then the Anomaly showed up, and I thought it was a commercial for Primeval. :D

* naked 'raptors? uh-oh.

in the Forest of Dean...

* is Connor wearing a suit and tie? and here I was thinking that it couldn't get any weirder than a "humans lay eggs" timeline.

* Abby seems awfully concerned / protective of Nick.
(Abby/Nick in this timeline?)

* once more, Lester gets the comic lines - "bit old for an imaginary friend, Professor" :)

at the mall...

* is it just me, or do the 'raptors sound like big pterodactyl from last season? then again, we probably all sound alike to them too.

at the Anomaly Research Center...

* just idle curiosity - what do you think the building's public face is?

* I can imagine the enthusing - "I get my own locker!" :D

* oooh, a Helen-look-alike! with long hair.
(hey Fredbassett, think that she's the composite of Helen and Claudia you put in a shortfic?) ;)

* "I'm brilliant, and I'm not the least bit unusual." :D

* is it Link or Leek ?

* "appearantly some people never change" "is that a bad or a good thing?" :D

at the mall...

* they don't trust Connor with guns? well, some things really haven't changed. :)

* "so what now?"

* "until I tell you its safe"...*thinks of voice-mimics* *eg*

* what did he say? "Hang on, (?) you lot."

* "don't you hate it when people bring their personal lives to work with them?" I have two comments about that:
- last season, Connor was all about personal life.
- didya see the look on Abby's face when Connor said that? oi!

* the 'raptor attacked the camera - why?

* good dodging, Nick. (given that it was behind you & the Anomaly was in front)

* ah, so, not naked...entirely.

* I wonder if the sound (and vibrations?) of the floor cleaner might've been keeping the 'raptor(s) away from him. hm

* I've heard of kids putting all sorts of stuff in their lockers...but a baby 'raptor? new levels of oi! will be needed.

* do _try_ not to shoot her twice, Connor.

* that line from the movie _I, Robot_ comes to mind - "did you close your eyes? AIM and shoot!"

* "I'd've shot you myself"...and probably not with a tranq.

* "its jammed" and I bet Nick's thinking "I told you (so)" :)

* faint, Nick, faint! :)

* "really?" :)

* "she's going to kill me when she wakes up" yep

* wild hunch - Helen saves Abby

* blue brow ridges? hm

* kicking and punching a 'raptor?

* 87.1

* "sorry" just got bit by a huge plot bunny!

* just leave it, Cutter!, it'll be a strange little mineral blot in Mongolia, after all...unless those are one of Britain's maniraptoran species.

* "what if this world is the only world there is?" um...Voltaire?

* now that's a VERY clean cut.

* "now all we need is to find out what's causing the Anomalies in the first place." that's season 12. (or 3, depending on ratings)

* "so fire me" "we can all dream" :D

as for next time...
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