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Torchwood review: episode 2.01


* Way back when Rose invaded London during the Blitz, the 9th Doctor had remarked that Jack's home era was one giant party - even with aliens. John Hart seems to confirm the statement.

* Yay, Owen finally wants to settle down with one girl...and he shone his torch on Tosh, as if to highlight that fact.

* Um...if none of it is worthwhile because of accidents of chemistry and evolution, then what makes him desire money? After all, that's about as abstract a concept as there can be -- or is that the point?

* He tried to kill your underlings, he did kill you (temporarily)...and now you're going to let him assemble and open what he was after?
(might've been interesting if Jack put it together, and the device flew through the air in pursuit of John)

* Clearly the future has no poodles. ;)

* "I've got five minutes to live, and you want me to behave??" :D

Ah, the scenes-from-next-week explain it...the commercials for season 2 had included scenes from eps 1 & I kept waiting for Hart to use an exoskeletonal stabbing arm.
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