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Torchwood ficlet: "Try me"

Title: Try me.
Rating: PG-15.
Characters: Toshiko Sato, John Hart.
Spoilers: KKBB.
Disclaimer: not mine! I own none of them.
Short Summary: In a gun stand-off, Tosh says entirely the wrong thing to John Hart.

Author’s note: This is me, messing with your minds. ;)
Got the idea from ep1 of series 2.
(and my NUMB3RS muse added a sentance)


It didn’t really matter how they’d gotten to this point (secrets of the universe, encased in mathematically-bound Weevil spit), or where back-up was (busy elsewhere), but Tosh was alone against John, who was likewise alone. Both of them were pointing their guns at the other.

“Think you can do this long?” John asked, making conversation.

“Try me.”

“Love to,” John said, and damn if he didn’t actually sound interested –

More interested than I’ve been able to get Owen in… and did a mental whistle at how long it’d been. “Don’t move,” she told him. But he wasn’t listening – just kept getting closer, one long step at a time.

Didn’t lower his gun either.

…So Tosh didn’t either.

“Got no problem with this,” John Hart said, smiling winningly at her.

Toshiko fired below his left ear, grazing the skin of his neck.

“Kinky,” was all John said, and with the tone he used, Tosh just wanted to –

Asserting herself, she tightened her grip on her gun, controlling her breathing…all the way until he was close enough to kiss. She didn’t, though, having heard horror stories about it from Gwen & a warning from Jack.

“So, dance?” John asked, a twinkle in his eyes, “or did you have something else in mind, my lovely?”
The End
Tags: hart, torchwood, toshiko
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