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Primeval Ep 8 spoiler review (part 2)

Primeval: Episode 8, or Episode 2 of Series 2:

...aka, Whatever happened to Helen?

* is that?, it can't be...Helen Cutter? Helen Cutter!

* in the last episode, Nick said that he and Helen were the only ones who remembered Claudia, and thus were the only two from the original timeline. now that means one of two things:
- Nick was wrong, and this Helen isn't from his reality.
- there are two Helens running around - one from each timeline.
- this Helen is from Nick's timeline, but is either from earlier or later in the 8+ years than Series 1 Helen was.

(yes yes, I realize that, back in the dawn of s1, I commented on the odds of being able to keep a single change of clothes in good condition for/through at least eight years of use)

* egg = lunch

yep, I called it.

* do pteradons have envenomating claws?

* that's gotta hurt, even before she uses the knife.

* um, question - how does the Creature get out of the room before the guy opens the door?

* is that a - yes, yes it does seem to be a yellow submarine. :)

* looking forwards to "The Palace"...reminds me of a Masterpiece Theater program about the Prince's mentally-deficient brother back in the early 1900s before The Great War.

* Connor's thinking "holy - she likes what I like!"

* what did she say?:
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."
"You did. (?) You always do."

* I know I saw that desert lizard (lying on Abby's chest) at the zoo the other week...but I can't think of the name, for the life of me.

* "she picked you up?" Abby's laughing on the inside, we can hear it. :D

* writing on his hand? didya pick that up from us Colonials?

* Helen's got a healed scar on her right shoulderblade.

* Pre-Cambrian? Either there're three Anomalies open, or something very wrong is happening here.

(or there's a Tommitotian(sp) Fauna on the loose)

* yep, pirapulid.

...either that or an escapee from Snaiad.

* ahh...the green stuff seems to be digestive juices.

* Thank God You're Here seems to be a new form of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

* Ryan?

* maybe its the other way around - the shopping mall's cleaner was recruited to join the ARC, and his past military experience qualified him to be a soldier.

* what senses is it using to hunt Stephen?

* so, was it the motion that got all of them so excited? the beeping? little electrical signals?

* jump, Stephen, jump. (and it'd startle Jenny too - which might forewarn her of what Nick was trying to caution her of)

* o-kay...Helen saved Claudia from the pterosaurs...who's going to save Penny from the pirapulids?

* :D "the next time I say 'take the stairs,' ya take the stairs!" :D

shades of I Robot the movie.

* did you see the look on her face when Nick said "we got separated?" definate Jenny/Stephen vibe.

* now that I think about it, when they have those scenes of rows of pirapulids moving through the hallway...its rather like the mass migrations of spiny lobsters nowadays.

* "I think we're all outta there." now Connor, out of all of them, should know better than to say that. did the boy pick up *nothing* from his movies? :)

* "could have been worse. could have been a -" a what?

* and he didn't write down her number on the garden center reciept or anything? oi.

* here's a question - why go searching for Stephen? why not eliminate the fog (thus negating the worms), and let Stephen walk out on his own power?

* when she was at her flat, Abby's nails were red. now they're yellow. is that from the passage of time, the gasses in the fog, or just forgetfulness while filming?

* love the photocopier. :D

* kickboxing worms!
(didn't the body spines hurt when she slammed her arm into it?)

* "what's happening to them?" Graboid-style adaptation?

* now its a TREMORS flashback.

* burrowing? clever strategy.

* what, they didn't have to change into clean clothes before leaving the building? *sigh* that's evidence, chaps!

* ah, so you're flirting with married folks now, Nick? trying to out-Stephen Stephen?

* Helen's got a car!
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