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NUMB3RS drabbles

Title: Charlie’s problem.
Pairing/Characters: Charlie, mention of Amita and Don.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #143: Drugs
Summary: Charlie admits he has a problem. {canon}
Word Count: 100.
Spoilers: none, really.
Notes/Warnings: I make a comparison.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine.


Charlie Eppes has a problem. He’s pretty sure Amita knows about it – she’s far less obtuse than he is, Charlie will admit that.

He could say that what he does is for Don, for the FBI, for national, state, and regional security. He could say that he’s making the world (or at least his corner thereof) a safer place.

Because that would be true.

It would also be post-facto justification, rationalizing it to himself. They fill his waking moments and nearly all his dreams. He is, bluntly, addicted.

Yes, addiction. Charlie knows what to call it.

Numbers are his drugs.
The End

Title: Charlie Eppes in Vegas.
Pairing/Characters: Charlie, Amita, Sara; mention of Don and Grissom. Charlie/Amita, possible Sara/Charlie.
Crossover with _CSI_
(this is either before or in lieu of any non-banter Sara/Grissom)
Prompt: #063: Sweat.
Rating: PG13
Summary: Charlie finds it *is* possible to get too much attention.
Word Count: 100.
Spoilers: None. (faint ones for the Pilot episode of Numb3rs)
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine.

Charlie was sweating, at least on the inside…not from the Las Vegas heat.

He hadn’t noticed when exactly it’d started, but after a while it was obvious enough even to him. Ordinarily, it would’ve been a point of pride, having two hot young ladies fighting over him. Even verbal sparring was fine by him.

And, what was the worst thing, was that he didn’t know who to ask first to stop…Amita or Sara.

Two razor intellects at loggerheads. Each seemingly trying to impress him while working. Multitasking is sexy, yeah, but…

I hope Don and Grissom solve this case soon.

The End

Title: Uncharacteristic Interuption.
Pairing/Characters: Don, Charlie, visitor.
Numb3rs/Doctor Who crossover.
Prompt: #010: Travel.
Rating: PG
Summary: Charlie’s about to propose…and when someone crashes the momentous event, he calls his brother.
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: none, though 4.05 inspired it.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters. The BBC and the creators of NUMB3RS own them all.


“Whoa, Charlie,” Don told his brother over the phone. “Slow down.” Hoping it would help, “Hey, wait a minute,” Don said, realizing the significance of today’s date. “Isn’t tonight when you’re -”

Going to pop the question, yes. “I was about to, but…we were interrupted. Which, I’ll say again, is the reason I’m calling.”

“Charlie, if someone broke in, you should -”

“No, no break-in. More of a sudden appearance.” Major headache: did this use large-scale quantum travel? “And since I don’t know the number for SETI,” jesting.

Interupting, using a steady unwavering voice, “I. Seek. Sanctuary,” said the Dalek.
The End

Title: “Blame the accent?”
Pairing/Characters: Charlie Eppes; Helen Cutter, Nick Cutter, Captain Ryan.
Primeval crossover.
Current prompt: #143: Drugs
Past prompt: # 31: Mix-up
Rating: PG-17 for language.
Summary: In England, Charlie helps the Cutters, and realizes he made a mistake.
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: None.
Notes/Warnings: One bad word.
Disclaimer: I own none of them. The situation, however fun, is a logical end result of letting the two intersect, and thus is also not mine.


Their latest mathematical problem had ended here: Leeds in the UK, teaming up with Dr.s Nick & Helen Cutter, and Captain Ryan.

Once they’d captured the smuggler trying to export pastlife out of the country, only a Creature remained – escaped, loose.

During the search, “It’s one of the first to have them,” Nick said in mid-conversation.
“How exactly do paleontologists know that?” Charlie asked, disbelieving.

Half an hour later, after finally catching the bloody thing:

“Look!” Cutter exclaimed, holding it up by its tail, pointing with his free hand.

“Oh, dugs,” Charlie said. “I thought you said drugs.”

Helen groaned.
The End.
Tags: crossover, csi, doctor who, drabbles, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction, primeval
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