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2nd half of ep2.03 spoiler review of Primeval

spoilers for episode 2.03, aka ep9 of PRIMEVAL...

* any endotherm would look hot through those.

(I bet he sees Helen)

* um, presumably Cutter isn't the only one who has a why is he the only one without infrared goggles?

* orrr, maybe Stephen finds Helen.

* "the engine just cut out", eh?

* I think Valerie/Stephen are cute together.

* "things we're trying to keep under control" "things (?)"

* for an ambush predator, its not very good at stalking silently. keeps rustling the bushes.

* stabbing its sabers from throat to spine?? is it trying to snap them off??

* where's Helen when you really need her to perform a heroic rescue?

* "you'd be amazed at what I can do"
I think that that's going to be the Primeval version of Xena's "I have many skills". ;)

* "you're a real piece of work", possible translation: "and here I thought only Helen could use feminine wiles."

* "fast. (?). a real natural-born killer"

* aside from the panda and maybe the therizinosaurs, what carnivore isn't a natural-born killer?

* ah, and now its eyes are normal.

* wild guess - the smilodon is Valerie's pet?

* doesn't one need special training to use excavating equipment?

* when it was going after Nick, I thought Abby was going to *thwack* it with the shovel.

* all Abby had to do, was flick the shovel downwards, and there'd be a gaping hole in the smilodon.

* why does Cutter keep trying to get Creatures to chase him?

* so, like Thylacaleo, smilodon could climb. bit awkward time to discover that, eh? ;)

* "I'm sick of being pushed around by you people." hm, pushed around by smilodon's owner perhaybehaps?

* c'mon, Helen, save Penny from bad man with gun.

* Stephen's probably thinking "nice legs"

* Connor's probably thinking "why did I grab a shovel?"

* "(?), my best coat!"

* let me guess...its Valerie's wallet?

* her husband? fiancee?

* Abby's got Rex...Valerie's got a smilodon.

(don't they feed with just their incisors nipping?)

* since it was a cub?

* yep...looks remarkably puma-like. (felis concolor)

* nice bait-and-switch. Valerie's pretty smart.

(waits for Helen to show up & save the day)

* "you have to trust me, Valerie"...ya'know, that's not the smartest thing to say to a woman with a loaded gun pointed at you - at least not a woman who's already disinclined to believe anything you say.

* dart gun? she only has a dart gun?

* quick, Cutter, ask her if the things in her garage were magnetized only after the cub showed up...that'll convince her.

* she almost had it calmed...but she got too close to it when it was running on adrenaline.

* "she (?). we could've saved her."

* Connor's like "yay, I got a gun!" :D

* at the ARC, is that an x-ray of a hesperornithid behind Cutter? (the birds from ep3)

* true, Abby does know exactly what she's doing - but when were the doses calibrated? before or after you knew the metabolism of an adult smilodon?

* almost The Nore...where is that?

* when Connor said "yeah", I thought Cutter was either going to say, "then go" or "sorry".

* Penny just waves.

* ah. so she's not a spy - she's keeping tabs on him.
(in-house security)

* seriously, shut up, Baal.

as for next week...
* a future shark, eh? (a lobed tongue?)

* is that supposed to be a seal or rat or...?

* a chirping bloated frog? (in her fridge?)
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