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Bourne fic: "Tough Enough" (pg)

Title: Tough enough.
Pairing/Characters: Nicky Parsons, Jason Bourne.
Requested by: Belle
Prompt: Nicky and Jason.
Rating: PG.

Summary: It was the second-hardest thing Nicky Parsons had ever done, to get on that bus.
Word Count: 203.
Spoilers: Bourne Ultimatum.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this.


It was hard for her, for Nicky to get on the bus… leaving Jason behind. Second-hardest thing she’d ever done. But she did, knowing that she’d only be an impediment in the accomplishment of his quest…or worse, a hostage used against him. She got on the bus, and the doors closed.

The first-hardest came to mind as Nicky watched Jason see her off: staying at arm’s length from him after he emerged from the Treadstone-Blackbriar training. Before then, they’d been friends – just friends, good friends, no benefits – through everything. After then, he and she were colleagues, and barely that. It wasn’t that Jason Bourne was blithe and hostile with meanness in his eyes; to the contrary, he struck her as being so unflinching as to be blankfaced and unreactive; the night after first meeting Jason Bourne, Nicky’d gone to church and considered lighting a candle for David.

The question is, she knows as she gets off at a bus stop a goodly distance from where she’d boarded, is what to do now. Now or next or both. Jason could always land on his feet, no matter what transpired. David had terrific balance, rarely faltering. But what of Nicky Parsons?

She said, “We’ll see.”
The End

Author’s note: another draft had the optional replacement of ‘church…candle’ with ‘synagogue and considered saying a kaddish’.
Tags: bourne, bourne fanfiction, bourne trilogy, bourne ultimatum, bourne/parson, nicky parsons, nikki
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