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Meme: 10 things with 1 letter

Comment if you want to do this and I'll give you a letter. Then you go and list ten things you like starting with that letter.

I was given this by Mustangcandi, who assigned me the letter D... no particular order...

1. Dresden Files. Or as I think of it, "The Murphy Files." Really, aside from Murphy (and Mai), what more do we need? Oh, a plot. (dangit!)

2. Dodos. Proof that God has a sense of humour. What other oily-and-stringy-and-tough-fleshed aggressive birds did humans eat into extinction, after all?

3. Deities. More of them than you can shake a stick at. Though, if you're going to go through with shaking a stick at them, I'll be standing wayyyyyy over here.

4. Dinosaurs. Very neat critters.

5. Darwin. His greatest and most horrible crime was to not object to being given all the credit for the publication of the mechanism of evolution.

6. Diamond. Neil Diamond and Jim Croce are some of the best song-writers of the past two generations. (not the only best ones, mind you)

7. Doctor Who. Particularly the 7th Doctor...mostly for Ace. Okay, entirely for Ace.

8. De-evolution. It has such great potential, and yet even sci-fi can't use it properly as an abstract concept. gah!

9. Dervishes. Anybody who can spin that fast for that long, uninterupted, has my complete respect.

10. Devshirme. If at first you don't succeed, adoption's the answer. {note: this is a historical concept no longer in use}
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