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Meme: lines from movies

Below the cut here, there are lines from ten twelve series/movies. Please, stop and see how many you get right. (most, I'm sure)

1. "Why do you keep asking me?"

2. "Shit, you can see me?"

3. "Say 'is it?' one more time & I'll shoot you." (Life - Sapphs got this)

4. "Who's Omega, Professor?"

5. "...and I come from a long line of chiefs."

6. "I am a leaf." (Serenity - Missyvortexdv got this)

7. "I am completely out of ammo. That's never happened to me before."

8. "My name is Nick Middleton."

9. "Is that the bitch that stole our son?" "I see you found your wife." ..."And by the way, I'm the bitch protecting him."

10. "What'd you put in my car?" "A bomb." "Are you off your trolley!?"

11. "And he slashes at you with this."

12. "Nothing so mundane. The Daleks conquered Earth in the 22nd Century." (_, Doctor Who - Missyvortexdv got most of it)

Bonus 1 "This is not the woman who raised me. This is an old person trying to get into Heaven."

Bonus 2 "The 'g' is silent." "Gno it's gnot."
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