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Life on Mars: "All my hearts remembered"

egads, so much stuff I forgot to post back when these eps first aired!

Title: All my hearts remembered
Fandom: Life On Mars
Author: Keenir.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: series two. Coda to the Maya episode.

Summary: Sam has a confession to make, and Annie ribs him.

“Annie,” Sam said.

“No, Sam, it’s okay.” I meant what I said before, at the hospital and at your flat.

“You need to -- I want you to know.”

She made herself comfortable. “Know what exactly?”

“Remember when I told you I was from the future?”

“Hard to forget.” But I did get you off that roof.

“Before I woke up here, in this time, I had a relationship. Yes, had – things were getting rocky, and… well, let’s just say our relationship was on it’s last legs.

“Her name was Maya Roy. Her mother is Leslie Roy.”

“The woman getting one of those new tummy scans?”


“The woman Deepak Gandhi got pregnant?”


“The woman I found on your bed?”

Ye- Now wait just one minute; would you be giving me a hard time if I’d sat on the bed while she slept on the chair?”

“More’n likely. I’ve seen the chair in your flat.”

It was hard for either of them to keep from smiling at that, so they didn’t.
The End
Tags: annie, life on mars, life on mars fanfiction
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