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LIFE trainwreck drabble: "as it comes crashing down"

Title: as it comes crashing down
Fandom: Life
Trainwreck drabble
Author: Keenir.
Rating: Mature (maybe higher)
Spoilers: season 1
Summary: Cats and dogs living together? Bah! The apocalypse will come shortly after this drabble takes place -- Crews and Reese living together. Set in the very near future of the series.

His shirt in his face. Thrown in his face. That was the thanks he got for a haiku – after this sober bout of sex (could you be drunk on orange juice? He might’ve been, earlier, not during or now) – saying she was the best.

A comparison might not’ve been the best idea…a realization striking him only in hindsight.

“No zen, Crews?” Dani asked, sliding back into her socks and jeans.

“Thought you’d want something different,” he said.

She grumbles something vaguely Spanish – Portugese? – and, “I finally get used to your zen. Even found a book of zen for me.”

“Sorry.” Really.

“That’s not zen.”

Please don’t be hooked! “’When I was born was my first mistake.’”

“Thought that was Hindu.

“Do you ever just stick with something, Crews?” doing her bra.


She snorts. “Three weeks isn’t sticking, Crews,” no matter how great the sex may be, “it’s still gum on the shoe, compared to the breadth of any timescale.” Geological, cosmic…

It occurs to Charlie to confess what he knows of her father’s role in the heist that got Charlie jailed – that’d be the sharing of a secret he’s kept close for a while now. A *big* secret. Then he sees her sliding her shirt on – right next to his knife – so he doesn’t say anything.
The End

Tags: dani reece/charlie crews, life, life fanfiction, trainwreck
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