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the meme that refuses to leave...

picked up from Nuit Belle and Grimorie...
Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I'll give you either probably all of the following (a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon, (b) a reason he/she sucks, (c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes, (d) five things that never happened to that character or (e) five people that character never fell in love with and why.

while I wait for sleep, here's two: George from Being Human and Dani from Life

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon, --
1. He was turned into a werewolf by a Tasmanian.
2. He's Orthodox, or at least he was.
3. He prefers to visit the aquarium.
(b) a reason he/she sucks, -- he's supposed to be the height of the food chain, and he can't even kill a vampire!
(c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes, -- how much he's trying to impress Annie (while not being obvious about it)
(d) five things that never happened to that character or
1. George huddled behind the wreckage of what had once been Kingdom I. Brunei's masterpiece of brdgemakng. His curse had saved him thus far - the invaders didn't pay attention to wolves, and they ignored pained screams.

The tripod passed overhead, long stately strides of the new lords of the planet.

George's stomach growled. Without enough people to keep their populations down, the foxes and badgers had undergone a population explosion & ate up very nearly all the deer.

It was a long wait to the next full moon.

2. Going to the beach had been Mitchell's idea...the bastard covetted Annie, there was no doubt about that. George didn't know how exactly Mitchell planned on seducing someone who couldn't even hold her water much less her beer, and he didn't want to know.

So here he was, strolling aimlessly along the Welsh coastline, when he came upon something he'd never dreamed he'd ever see.

Well, okay, he'd dreamed about it.

Not long after first becoming a werewolf, actually.

Laid out across a broad rock twenty yards in front of him, was a skin. A sealskin. And he could hear from here the soft sounds of a young woman singing.

"Yes!" George said to himself.

3. "Fine, fine, I'll get it," George grumbled, leaving the kitchen and heading for the front door, where someone was appearantly knocking very vigorously.

Wait a minute... listening very carefully. It wasn't somebody knocking. Now it sounded more like horse hooves clattering on cobblestones.

We don't have cobblestones. "You'd better be watching Monty Python!" he yelled up to Mitchell.

"And why is that?" came the calm response.

4. Hyde was out in force tonight. Particularly as he was holding George one-handed by the throat, pressing him against the wall. "Exactly what didya think you was doing with my wife?" Hyde asked.

"I was just talking with her," George managed to say.

"An' if I don't believe you?"

"It's the truth!"

Hyde grinned. "You know what lions do with people who trespass?"

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon,
1. she's always prepared...even for things that have a dismally-low chance of happening.
(b) a reason he/she sucks, -- heresy! Dani never is a bad character!
(c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes,
1. Dani = awesome
2. she always knows what to say to Crews.
("there is no 3." "Crews!")
(d) five things that never happened to that character or
1. He'd did it again. Crews had said "its all connected, we're all connected" again.

But this time, she was ready. "We are all connected. Attacker and victim alike," positive she'd goofed the wording...but certain that the meaning was still clear. She'd found the answer in the Book of Job, in her mother's Tanakh.

Crews stopped where he was. Turned his head just enough to see her out the corner of his eyes, but not looking at her - afraid to? - Crews was afraid of nothing, Dani told herself.

"Damn it!" Crews said. "Damn. Shit!"

"Crews?" Dani asked, wondering if her partner was actually snapping, going around the bend, cracking.

"You're the only person who had a comeback - that comeback," he told her. "Didn't think anybody would know that answer."


2. Dani stood in the shade offered by the embassy's outer wall of a fence, waiting for the detective she was supposed to work alongside for the duration of this case. A supporter of the long-deposed Shah had been killed, and Dani's job was to see where it led -- her homeland was the Shah's worst nightmare, after all.

Officially, she was a member of Tudeh, the ruling party. Unofficially, her father was an American policeman. Probably why I got sent out here, she thought to herself. That and because relations between communist Iran and capitalist America had warmed some - Nixon had gone to China, but it had been a while after that that a President went to Iran.

This must be him, Dani thought to herself, seeing a lone man approach.

"LAPD Detective "Charlie Crews," he said, offering her his hand.

(e) five people that character never fell in love with and why.
1. It wasn't love. Not much of lust either. More of fillng the spaces in each other.

Spaces left empty by critical losses. It's why he came all the way out here. LA's as far from Miami as he was willng to go.

He's called her by another name a few times, but only in the rare lapses of concious thought. But that's rare, as he does his best to always be aware of everything, never losing track of where he is and what he's doing. Crews would've told him to loosen up.

For her part, she's lapsed back to some old habit - but just the one. Just this one. With him. Dexter.

2. "I now pronounce you husband and wife," the priest said. "You may kiss the bride."

Mr and Mrs Charlie Crews.


note: the passage is Job 9:22.
note: yes, the Shah did fear a Communist takeover of the country in the years leading up to the Revolution.

sorry I cut them short...finally getting tired and sleepy. yay! :D
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