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Second éyam post

<tr><td>á ŋaiá … <td> my name is…<td>

Stress always falls on the second syllable.

Additions… Я /Яa _Яa/ & also Ю /Яu _Яu/

ai is always a dipthong. aia is always a dipthong followed by a pause, then an a -> ai.a

Root – Яo sureness, sureity(sp)
Яyor a modicum of sureness
Яbor very sure
Яpor has no hesitation
Яgorə “certainty but has no plan”

Root – Юí prime numbers {pЮír}
Юníd 1
Юník 3
Юpíd 5
Юpík 7
Юdíp 11
Юdíd 13
Юníp 17
Юtíp 19

Root – Яau even numbers {pЯaur}
Яpaut 2
Яgaut 4
Яtaup 6
Яtaug 8
Яgaup 10

Root - Юu uncertainty, uncertain
Юbot a small measure of uncertainty [regarding]…
Юdop very unsure
Юyod exceedingly uncertain

Root – ooo
otodos feeling, sensation
odopo touch {the sense}
odopos touching
otocs massaged
odocs massaging
odoŋós feeling out a path with your feet

Root – aid.d movement
aiddaiy and I walk {m}
aiddaiyn and he walks
aiddaiw and I walk {fm}
aiddaiwn and she walks
aidáwd I move
aidoyd you move
aidíñd collective movement {I}
aidúŋd collective movement {you}

Tedeked aiddaiy and I walk away
Mu aidúŋd edmau aidíñd I and mine attacked you and yours
Na aidúŋd edmau aidíñd you and yours attacked me and mine

Articles –
NeЮ this here {obЯect}
NéЯ this (here) {concept}
NéЯЯə - this [plan]
BæЯr that there {obЯect}
BaЯr that (there) {concept}
BaiЯЯə that [plan]
DálЮ a, an {non-specific}
DábЯ an, a {specific}

Tedeked [go] to distant [place]
Na against you
Mu against me
Edmau attacking by
Y(m) you {plural}
éket following {pursuit}
,…aidáwd éket I follow after…
á ymaiá … my community[‘s name] is…
á icú my parents are…, my parentage is…
yam overarching {concept and group}
éyam collective overarching group {used by foreigners as a name for this language’s speakers
éw picking up {action}
cnu éw picking up a cup (a mug)
cyu éw picking up a bow
ŋípá , ŋ ípá picking up my knife
w ípa taking your knife
ŋ I {singular I}
w you {singular I}
óyau fruit [in the hand]
itímt eating
óyau itímt I’m eating my fruit
w óyau itímt I’m eating your fruit
cínú following {religious}
cínú w you follow my teachings
cínút … ŋ I follow another: …
á á waia your name is…?
á á cínú w you follow…?
Icú w your parents, your parentage
únúc w thank you
opip wary
ogig afraid
odid pleased
okik eager [for]
opipt cautious
cocit belonging
cocib [a] sense of belonging
,… yd ga belonging to {obЯect}
Nábak glyphs
ódaib covering {obЯect}

ecíígiañ chain of causes, causality
eciigí smoke from fire caused by
paŋ within
akñe [a] harsh wind
ŋábak eciigic
əcŋe , əcŋé the act of trust
əcŋe nop the loss of trust
iigíñí hidden fire, obscured fire

eciigi oporii iigíñí ató “notes smoke, looks for fire” {detectives, investigators}

ecato runts {is also a homonym to the shorthand for the name given to detectives and inspectors}

A note to those fans of Life...or those who wonder these things...
it would be
"Charlie ecato" if you're on good terms with him, otherwise, it is "Crews ecato" without exception.

you say both "Dani ecato" and "Reese ecato" at your own peril, mind you.
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