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"Missed by a faint(ing) margin" (a New Amsterdam ficlet)

Title: Missed by a faint(ing) margin
Fandom: New Amsterdam
Characters: John Amsterdam, Eva, the doctor.
Author: PG-15
Rating: Mature

Warning: I’ve seen all of the pilot episode except for beyond the “not everything – I’ve got great instincts” scene near the end.
Spoilers: 1.01
Word Count: 169
Summary: In the (near) future, John visits the grave of the one who’d captured his heart.

Every time they came near one another, John collapsed. Five heart attacks, four respiratory distress, seven dizzy spells that came *that* close to blacking out…

Always, every single time, she was gone when he recovered. Tried sending her flowers, birds, chocolates, furs, music, everything that a good little 17th Century modern Dutch-American does to woo the object of his affection.

And every time, it all went to shit on his end.

Two weeks ago, she’d died, struck by a sleep-deprived driver (blood alcohol 1.5). And where had he been? On the curb, having a seizure.

Amsterdam’s nostrils widened in appreciation of the fragrance wafting up from behind him: Eva. She was standing right there. Could’ve put a hand on his shoulder – John wouldn’t have minded. But she knew he was busy right now, and he knew she knew it – and he appreciated the consideration.

“And Eva says hi,” John said. Behind him, Eva smiled and nodded. In front of him, he could almost imagine a ghostly smile answering him.
The End
Tags: eva, new amsterdam, new amsterdam fanfiction
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