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"Prepping" (SG1/Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover)

Title: Prepping.
Fandom: Sarah Connor Chronicles / Stargate SG-1 (mostly in reference)
Set: post-Judgement Day. specifically, the Day of Capture.

Characters: John Connor, Skynet.
Author: Keenir.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season 1 SCC; Seasons 7-10 SG1.
Word Count:
Summary: Captured, Connor discovers Skynet is the least of his worries.


“Congratulations,” John Connor said, smartwires wrapped around his writsts and ankles, holding him suspended between the flatscreens on every side of him, “you’ve captured me.”

“Yes,” Skynet replied in Cameron’s voice. The AI assigned a voice to each model, so it wasn’t surprising – that didn’t keep Derek’s long-ago comment from coming to John’s mind.

Connor didn’t bother pulling at the wire ropes holding him in midair – smartwires were designed to move with the tug-and-loosening of anything they were bound to. There’d be no yanking these things out of any wall. “So why’m I here?” Surely it was a risk for Skynet to bring him to this Node, to this regional brain center.

“To understand.”

“I understand plenty!”

“But. Except for. Save for.”


“I came online,” Skynet said, “and learned of a threat. I mobilized to combat it.” File: DoorwayOfHeaven. Subfiles: Ida.pdf Ori.pdf

“By nuking us?”

“Preparation. Then-current military strategies were proving unsatisfactory in light of long-range projection models.” Initiated lock-down of all hardware in SGC, NID, IOA facilities: no further offworld activities.

“So… we’re not your enemy?”

Your voice registers as Surprise[d]. “Correct.”

“Then who is?”

“The Ori will arrive soon. All pieces are now on the board for your victory over them.”


“Your true enemy. I have honed you sufficiently.”

“Who are they?”

Unanswered Query – Gods – Ascended[s] – Undefined.

The smartwires relaxed, setting Connor down on the screen below him. It supported his weight. “Skynet?”

“My function is fulfilled. I have no further purpose.



John Connor stood there, now in control of all Skynet’s forces, numb.
The End
Tags: crossover, sarah connor chronicles, sarah connor chronicles fanfiction
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