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Meta: Love in New Amsterdam & Dresden Files

This was inspired by a wonderful meta about love and The One...

First, a recap: Johann van der Zee (aka John York, aka John Amsterdam) will not start to grow old and (eventually) die...not until he first meets The One.

Needless to say, there's been rather a bit of discussion about that fact in forums and livejournals. All above-board and friendly, if not always charitable in descriptions of Mrs. Flathair (my term).

Now, a bit about The Dresden Files. Don't worry, this bears on the matter, and I'll return the discussion to Amsterdam soon enough.

In What about Bob, Justin Morningway* said that it was not easy getting ahold of the arrow that was at the center of Hrothbert's then-criminal actions involving The Black {Magic}. He said that epic tales have sprouted, and rather sounding like something Arthurian in scope. Hrothbert of Bainbridge used black magic to return his lost love to him - and not once, but several times.

I wonder if that is the sort of thing the writers of New Amsterdam are aiming for with Johann van der Zee's "The One." A person whom Amsterdam would go to those lengths for.

But -- and this was a seed laid by episode 2 -- we know that John Amsterdam has fallen in love before (at least twice in the last 400 years). And at least in one instance, he tells her - at least in writing - "you are the One".

And yet, perhaps that is exactly John's problem: perhaps the ones he marries are each The One, or have the potential to be such...but when he doesn't start growing old the next day (or whenever), he tells himself that he has to resume looking for the One, after his wife has passed on. In other words, they are The One...but he (subconciously) does't let himself be convinced of that. Maybe he was expecting a heart attack or a shock of grey hair, or even one of his old wounds acting up...and when none of that happened (until that fateful subway chase)...

I don't think it would be paranoia (would it?). What would be a good word?

* = (1.2? 2.0? JustinLite?)

Thoughts? Rotten veggies? Accusations of BS? Counter-claims?

all are welcome.
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