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two SCC questions

got a question about the dual-finale of Vick's Chip and What He Beheld...

If Cameron could see Cromartie (aka Kessler), couldn't Cromartie see Cameron?

and even if he didn't see her, then when John walked up and addressed her by name....surely Cromartie has John's voice on file.


also, referring back to a behind-the-scenes special a day or two before the pilot ep of The Sarah Connor Chronicles...

They said that the T-888 is built like a tank, able to take more damage than even the Terminator from the first Terminator movie.

They also said that the T-888 has three chips, yes, three CPUs, and is able to run perfectly well even if two of the CPUs are rendered unusable by battle or anything else.

so...I'm guessing Vick wasn't a T-888. Cromartie is, though, right?

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