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drabble: "first Nick, now Stephen" PG-13

Title: “First Nick, now Stephen”
Written at the request of Master Kogane.

Summary: Stephen finds himself experiencing what Nick must’ve gone through.
Fandom: Primeval
Author: Keenir.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 1.06, 2.01….and a rumour of what might eventually happen in s2 finale.
warning: I haven't seen past 2.04; but Master Kogane asked for this)
Word Count: 105

And abruptly in another timeline…

Stephen found himself facing his colleagues – and a few others present. “What’s she doing here?” he asked.

“Caroline?” Abby asked. “She’s been Ms. Brown’s assistant for the past two years.”

“I think maybe he hit his head harder than we initially believed,” Lester said.

Ignoring that, hearing only ‘Ms. Brown’…he looked harder, and yes, there she was, standing by Connor and a wounded Captain Ryan (he got a promotion, I see). But… “Where’s Nick?”

Connor looked at his feet, again missing his mentor.

Real smooth, Stephen, Abby thought to herself.

“The Cutters,” Claudia said, mourning what could have been, “both perished in the Dodo Incursion.”
The End

(he’s only gone from the timeline he was from – he’s not dead)
Tags: primeval, primeval drabble, primeval fanfiction
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