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New Amsterdam drabble: "oh the puns!"

Title: Oh the puns!
Fandom: New Amsterdam.
Characters: Amsterdam, Eva.
Author: Keenir.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: eps 1.01-1.03 of New Amsterdam.

Word Count: 89.
Summary: Electrocution is the least of what John needs to worry about being ribbed about now.



That was going through his mind.

His shoulders struck the ground first. Thankfully it was a deep bed of peat moss. Small favors, John would have mused if he could spare the neurons. The rest of him followed soon thereafter.

Eva came over and helped ease him to a more comfortable position. There was a barely-repressed smile on her face.

“Wh…” and he already knew. “Say it,” he whispered weakly. I can’t and won’t stop you.

“That’s the first time, Amsterdam, that I’ve ever seen a flying Dutchman.”
The End
Tags: drabble, new amsterdam, new amsterdam fanfiction, puns
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