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"Remembering her" (1.05) New Amsterdam

Title: Remembering her.

(or is 'Recent Loss' a better title?)

Fandom: New Amsterdam.
Characters: John, 64, officers.
Author: Keenir.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: eps 1.01-1.05 of New Amsterdam.
Word Count: 276.

Summary: Another loss for John Amsterdam.

Author’s note: Five years ago, something happened to make John become Detective John Amsterdam. This is a thought as to what it might’ve been.


When the car pulled up in front of their apartment, John knew it wasn’t her – her last letter hadn’t said anything about time off or anything that would’ve brought her away from the war and back to New York for even a little while.

When the men got out of that car, uniforms in full regalia, John knew right away what they were here for. He’d seen them approach countless others throughout history – hell, he’d been one of them more than once. The master of identities hoped that she was okay, that she was alive. But he knew the odds.

He’d lived those odds.

John held the door open for the officers, offering them something to drink – tea, milk, soda – or something to eat – cake was all he hand on hand – for after they did what they’d come to do.

Little 64 came up to them, still with feet bigger than the rest of him, it seemed. “This your dog, sir?” one of the asked John.

“Ours, actually,” was all John could say.

Why on earth did you name him 64?

It’s not a good name?

He’ll grow into it, I suppose.
And she’d kissed him on the nose for his silliness.

John listened to the officers’ words, and said all the right things at all the right times.

And he saw them to the door, thanking them for taking the time, wishing them well.

When their car had gone, John shut the door and sat down on the couch, 64 nosing his calf. The last thought on his mind was ‘time to reinvent myself.’

John picked up and hugged 64 close, eyes shut.

Remembering her.
The End
Tags: new amsterdam, new amsterdam fanfiction
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